Ga-zelle [guh-zel] noun, plural ga-zelles (especially collectively) ga-zelle, genus Gazella… nimble, fast, ability to accelerate quickly...

Gazelles are fast growing small and medium sized enterprises (smes) that have the potential to accelerate sales by 20 percent or more per year for more than a four year period. Gazelles constitute only 5-10 percent of all private companies, yet in typical years they create 50-80 percent of all net new jobs.


The Georgian - Austrian school "Pesvebi" is a private educational institution. The mission of the school is to bring up democratic, humane, knowledge - aspiring active people, free from ideological pressure and bearing high degree of civil responsibility, to maintain healthy traditions of the country while tailoring them to advanced experiences of the European countries, in particular, to the A...

Just Think of Best!

ARDI is the initiator of number of innovations on the insurance market. ARDI created a strong reinsurance system with most repurable French, British and German reinsurance companies. From 2013 ARDI is rated among TOP 5 Georgian insurance companies and operates as premium quality service provider on Georgia insurance market.


Homegrown Natural Georgian Bread

In 2015 Otar Nachkebia and Irakli Chavleshvili came up with an idea for a food product that they wanted to launch in the country of Georgia. Nachkebia and Chavleshvili had a vision for their bread product line which included producing high quality, natural and organic ingredients and promoting endemi...

Operating with industry's best practices from around the world

Prime Concrete is one of the leading Georgian construction companies, with specializations in construction of hydrotechnical and civil infrastructure, as well as the production materials.

As contractors, in cooperation with leading European companies, Prime Concrete acquired exceptional competence and invaluable expertise in the fields of: Port Infrastructure, Water Infrastructure, Const...

Making great tasting, healthy food, convenient and affordable for everyone

Degusto is a fast-casual restaurant chain in Tbilisi, Georgia. Degusto currently has 10 locations, with additional locations opening soon. The mission of Degusto is to make great tasting, healthy food, convenient and affordable for everyone. 

Georgia is the world’s oldest winemaking region where it all began some 8000 years ago. Since ancient times love to the wine has been deeply rooted in the cultural values, beliefs and customs of the Georgian people. From here viniculture started spreading around the globe.

Nowadays Georgian wine has again become a real discovery and a genuine paradise for anyone longing for somethi...